Get connected. Nope, not to the internet, to the wood wide web of interconnectedness. Popup Forest School can take you or your group anywhere! Team buiding, scouting outings, school groups, management training... just about every group you can think of will love a forest school day and will benifit from it.
We will take you into your local woods or country park or canal walk or church yard or school grounds and give you insights into what is actually around you. Your sunday walks will never be things the same again as you learn to see things differently. Tree types and their uses; what tye of willow can we use for willow weaving, how to find the perfect Hazel staff. What plants or berries or mushrooms can we eat or use medicinally? How? Tree climbing, building shelters from natural materials, ercting tarps and hammocks and how to cook on a LNT fire (Leave No Trace). Survival skills that will make anyone feel more resilient and independant and confident.
Forest schools are a new take on a great idea. Based on the same principles as the scout movement and used widely in early years schooling in Scandinavian countries, it nurtures confident, resilient, independent and creative learners. Forest schools, however, have something wonderful to offer  to any age and any group. Getting connected with nature and using traditional tools to learn how to fend for yourself is something that leaves any participant feeling wholesome and fulfilled. Making shelters from woodland materials or tarps, cooking on open fires, whittling tools or getting creative with woodland art; these things help to foster independence and team work alike. Examples of groups that have worked with Forest Horizons are team building days, school kids, adults on foraging activities, groups with special needs (both children and adults) and... of course... fungi foraging :D