Forest Talks
What is a mushroom? What sort of organism is it? What do they actually do?
Kew gardens recently published "State of the words fungi", a ground breaking report revealing how important fungi is to all life on earth. From healer to destroyer, no life on earth is without its relationships with fungi. They help plants to grow, changing their DNA to make them more resilient. They help trees and plants communicate across the forest, and the ruthless parasites it seems are the forest management system running a tight and healthy ship. Fungi is responsible for plants first colonising the earth, they are the largest organism on the planet and they turn insects into zombies. Our understanding of fungi is progressing in leaps and bounds and is fascinating.
Forest talks are designed for children and for adults and keep you sitting on the edge of your seats as you come to understand life on earth in a completely new way.
Forest talks can be delivered as a one off session, a series of workshops or, ideally, a full day course with an indoor session followed by a mushroom identification walk in the woods.