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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Everyone enjoys a forage. From forest school kids to corporate away days, a forage connects with something deep inside us, it reconnects with pretty much every single one of our ancestors with an activity that is fascinating, rewarding and very useful. It teaches us about habitats, the diversity and interconnectedness of life and helps us to understand and marvel at the magic that comes to life when we see, feel and taste the natural world around us.

I love going into ancient woodland. It isn't just rich in the number of species that can be found, that seems way too text book. It feels rich, the richness is dripping and oozing from it - it is a truly marvelous place to be! Unfortunately we don't have too many of those places, but a question.... Where does a forage start? Answer, right where you are. Step outside. Your office, front door, whatever. There will be something to forage within the first few paces. Life is an amazing thing, it thrives everywhere and you'll find edible plants, berries and mushrooms in gardens, on path sides and waste land in towns and cities as well as rural settings. Nature is everywhere and we are in it.

The format of the courses, unless otherwise stated, is GIN. Made from wild foraged things like berries or pinecones or even mushrooms. Just a bit, a taster, but enough to give you a warm glow for the start of the forage. Its a treat, just like the forage, and it oils the wheels of conversation as the group sets out with a shared goal of a quarry that is hiding somewhere beneath the leaves in front of us. The walk lasts 3 to 4 hours and we will return to the carpark for a fry up *if* we've been lucky enough to find some edible treats. The season doesn't go by our calendar but unfortunately I have to use it to book all the courses! So I'll be listing courses for the main forage seasonal dates of autumn when the mushrooms are sure to be out, but watch this page for more because I will list more as the year progresses and I get a feel of how and when the seasons are playing out.

Spring - just a couple of forages this year. St Georges mushrooms and spring greens. I'm afraid I need time still to finish renovating my boat so that I've actually got a home!

Summer - no forages listed. I have private bookings at festivals to teach foraging and do talks and sell wooden whistles and other trinkets. Also I will be doing another mission with Sadie to raise awareness of and money for Rewilding Britain and MIND by doing another long distance naked tandem bike ride. Not heard of our challenge last summer? Google Free Wilders and read about our John O Groats to Lands End, first people to ride it naked, charity bike ride! We even got to ride it (starkers!) on to the set of This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. Bonkers.

Autumn - now THIS is the season to be jolly :D and I will be setting lots of forages. Pretty much every weekend and a few weekdays. Lets. Go. Foraging.

Winter - just one event. But it is a very, very special one. A retreat. A psychoactive mushroom retreat. Talks, the science of psilocybes, shared experiences and a guided journey. Participants need to book on a moorland forage with me during autumn so to find, identify and collect your own mushrooms for the retreat. I cannot provide them. This is going to be an interesting weekend! Get in touch for more info, I will add a page for this event soon.

Over to you.. Get booking. Let me have your email so that I can keep you notified with the mailing list, and I hope to see you soon!


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