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Discover the wild

Forest forages

The forest is full of food and useful things if we recognise species and know how to use them, appreciate them and look after them. Coppicing for useful timber or foraging for food, understanding the nature around you will bring you mindful moments and wellbeing in bucket loads. 

Gardeners World with me at Rivington Terraced Gardens



Wild woodland ways

Forest Horizons is about sharing a passion for the wild, understanding nature and connecting with it in a real and tactile way. Edible treats from plants to fungi and useful materials like Hazel and Willow, and taking shelter in rustic wood built structures like roundhouses, summerhouses and sheds. Step out of your everyday life and take a walk in the woods and learn the names of the things around you and connect with them. Trees, plants, fungi, insects, birds, and learn how they interact with each other and how we have traditionally interacted with them and used them in our daily lives. Learn how to appreciate the nature around us and how to look after it. Forest bathing, mindfulness, wellbeing are things that we need in our lives and it all starts with a walk in the woods...

Forest Horizons is run by Col who is an ex woodworking teacher, cycle instructor, qualified forest school leader, community worker and a member of the Association of Foragers and runs the UK's largest mushroom social media group, Mushroom Spotters UK (facebook).

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